Charity Cartridge Recycling

The Recycling Process

Most people bin their empty cartridges; however a lot of cartridges can be reused - the EU preferred way to recycle. The cartridges we collect are graded, sorted and packed ready for refilling. Refilling cartridges means that less oil and precious resources are used in the production of new plastics.

This means that any recyclable cartridges we receive have a value which is donated to the charity of your choice. As a market leader in recycling cartridges we can accept ALL types of cartridge and even those that cannot be reused will still be safely recycled.

Free Collection for Businesses

We offer a completely free collection service for businesses who wish to recycle their printer cartridges AND help raise funds for charity at the same time. We can accept ALL makes and model of printer cartridge.

Reuse an old cardboard box and pack the cartridges you want to recycle inside, filling any large gaps with scrunched up newspaper or similar. Once you are ready you can book your free collection on this website by clicking on the Book a Collection link above. We will then contact you back to confirm the collection details.

In order to keep our costs down we ask that you have a minimum of 15 cartridges for each collection (there is no maximum). If your collection raises over £20 we'll even post you a congratulatory certificate that you can proudly display to your colleagues and visitors.

Charities Supported

These are just some of the charities that we work in partnership with:
  • Macmillan Cancer Support
  • Dogs Trust
  • Against Breast Cancer
  • Sparks
  • Variety Club